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Hoarder Cleanup Services in Los Angeles

Compulsive hoarding is a disorder that affects somewhere between seven hundred thousand and one and a half million people in the United States alone. We provide our cleaning services to those same people, helping them to get a second lease on life free from clutter. Here at Los Angeles Hoarders we have faced every degree and type of hoarding. From very light and gently disheveled properties, to the packed to the gills hoarder houses with no room to move. We are able to handle it all with our specially trained hoarder cleanup crew, who understand the delicate nature of hoarding and will work with you to make sure that everything is taken care of right. We strive to get our customers through what can be a very difficult time, in a positive and helpful manner. The hoarders we work with never get rushed or looked down upon because of their situation. Los Angeles Hoarders has a policy of putting our customers mental health and well being above all else. Helping them overcome this issue is the #1 goal of our services.

Our Cleaning Services

Designed to help hoarders to get back on their feet. Browse our services below to see what we can do for you.

House Cleanup

Ideal for most hoarding situations. We come through and remove all of the packed in items from the house leaving every room clean and empty.

Trash Hauling

Our trash removal services are for actual garbage, old food hoarding, and other forms of hoarding left long and decaying.


Many of the items that we remove from hoarder houses can still be used in some way or another. Anything that has not given way to rot, will be considered for recycling instead.

Cleaning with Purpose

Our hoarder cleanup services are designed to help the average hoarder return to a normal clutter free lifestyle. We come along with a large dump truck and the crew to handle all the junk. We load up your unneeded items and haul them away for you. After we've finished our work, you will be left with a clean space, free of all the junk and trash that used to fill up you or your loved one's house.

Discreet Hoarder Cleaning

Our cleanup services are tailored in the most private and discreet manner possible. When we show up to begin our work the crew will be in special cleaning trucks without any logos, markings, or any indication that they are there for hoarding cleanup. Nobody else needs to know what's going on, and our customers don't have to feel embarrassed. Hoarding can be a very difficult issue for some people to deal with so we try to remove any amount of stress that we can. We are always looking for ways in which we can ease the cleanup process for the hoarders.

Always Here to Help

Los Angeles Hoarders representative are on standby, ready to answer any and all questions that you may have. We can go over the cleanup process with you in great detail and explain how we get rid of clutter and hoarding items. Our hoarding specialists are here to give you the peace of mind that's needed when dealing with hoarding. Additionally we can provide you with some helpful tips to make the cleanup as painless and stress free as it can be. At Los Angeles Hoarders, one on one attention is given to you from the moment you contact us. You will not have to deal with multiple people and have to feel embarrassed or have to explain the situation over and over. Once you feel confident that we are the right hoarder cleanup service for the job you can schedule a junk removal with one of our representatives and be well on your way to a cleaner future.

Experience Makes the Difference

We have been performing hoarder junk removal services for several years now. In that time we have seen nearly every different type of hoarder situation that one could run into. From animal hoarding, to book hoarding, shopaholic hoarding, and garbage hoarding. Having worked in a number of these environments, our team is familiar with the steps that need to be taken in order to tackle each one. Dealing with hoarding can be hard, but we're here to lend a helping hand and get you into a better, safer environment.

We Listen to Your Needs

When the Los Angeles Hoarders cleanup crew arrives to start work, they will be extra careful to ensure that your wishes and requests are taken into account. As part of striving towards a no-stress cleaning experience we want you to know that your exact needs will be met. Important documents and special items that mustn't be disposed of will be given the extra attention that they deserve. With Los Angeles Hoarders you never have to worry about our crew rushing in and trashing anything you don't want them to. We listen to your every request and work hard to provide a cleaning service that matches your needs for the situation.

Going Above and Beyond

We are ready for any of your hoarder cleanup needs. Trained in the removal of clutter and hoarding items, our crew is among the highest qualified hoarder cleaning specialists in Los Angeles. We are able to perform our cleanup services in a variety of situations including residential hoarder houses, apartment hoarding, and commercial retail space hoarding. Simply put, any situation presented to the staff at Los Angeles Hoarders will be dealt with and cleaned up without any issues.