House Cleanup Services

Our most commonly requested service, the complete hoarder house cleanup is ideal for most hoarding situations. We come through and remove all of the packed in items from the house leaving every room clean and empty. We will work alongside the hoarder or a relative to ensure that the cleanup is carried out to their satisfaction. We are always careful not to dump important documents and special items.

Our Hoarder House Cleaning Process

We design our services to help a hoarder get out of a difficult situation. We do the heavy lifting to clear the clutter out of your house. This hoarder junk removal service is intended for those who have come to terms with the excessive number of items that they have managed to accumulate and are now ready to take the steps necessary to change. We come with large truck and several crew members trained specifically in hoarder house junk removal. We fill up the truck with all of your unneeded objects and take them to a variety of disposal sites. Depending on the items involved and the hoarders wishes we can take these items to a donation site, recycling center, landfill, or storage unit. We have years of experience helping hoarders in the Los Angeles area and can handle jobs of any size.

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