What Los Angeles Hoarders can do for you

About Our Cleaning Services

Hoarder cleanup is what we do best. With years of experience performing these services in Los Angeles we can guarantee that your needs will be met. We come along with a crew of professional hoarder cleanup specialists and are ready to tackle jobs of any size.

Helping You Get Back On Your Feet

We provide a wide array of services to match the many forms that hoarding can take. We've cleaned hoarder houses of all kinds and know the best ways to handle any situation that we may come across. Our services are designed to get you back on your feet by cleaning out all of the junk that has accumulated over time. We work to clear out all of the clutter and return the place to a clean, junk free state. After having collected so many items a hoarder may simply be unable to clean up on their own even if they want to. Our services are perfect for people in that situation, getting them past this difficult spot so that they are able to live in a clean and safe environment. We can't force anybody to stop hoarding, but cleaning out the items can be the start towards a better future.

trash and old food piling up

House Cleanup

Our most commonly requested service, the complete hoarder house cleanup is ideal for most hoarding situations. We come through and remove all of the packed in items from the house leaving every room clean and empty. We will work alongside the hoarder or a relative to ensure that the cleanup is carried out to their satisfaction. We are always careful not to dump important documents and special items.

bed covered in dirty laundry with trash all over the floor

Room Cleanup

Hoarder room cleanup services are designed to help the hoarder whose addiction has not yet taken over the entire house. Only having a room or two cleaned out instead of the entire house is quicker, cheaper, and in some cases easier on the hoarder.

tons of paint cans and spray paint laid out in hoarders driveway

Junk Removal

We show up with a large dump truck ready to dispose of all your un-needed junk. Our team will then come out to collect all of the items pulled from the hoarders house. They take time to load up the truck with everything. We eliminate your mess and haul all of the items away.

crew member carrying full trash can away from hoarder house

Trash Hauling

Our trash removal services are for actual garbage, old food hoarding, and other forms of hoarding left long and decaying. More than just a simple junk removal, getting trash and rotten items out of a hoarder house can be a big ordeal. We bring large trash bags with us in order to contain all of the garbage and carry it out to our trucks.

piles of bottles and drink containers, some empty, some unused

Recycling Services

Many of the items that we remove from hoarder houses can still be used in some way or another. Anything that has not given way to rot, will be considered for recycling instead. Many hoarders find this information very helpful to hear, knowing that their items will not be going to waste.