Trash Hauling Services

Our trash removal services are for actual garbage, old food hoarding, and other forms of hoarding left long and decaying. More than just a simple junk removal, getting trash and rotten items out of a hoarder house can be a big ordeal. We bring large trash bags with us in order to contain all of the garbage and carry it out to our trucks.

Clean = Safe

Leaving trash and garbage to pile up inside of a hoarder's house can lead to a lot of problems. If left long enough it will begin to rot and may in fact become hazardous to their health. Getting the trash out of a hoarders living space is extremely important and needs to be acted on quickly. Hiring Los Angeles hoarders to remove the accumulated garbage will result in a clean and safe environment.

Take Care of it Today

If you or a loved on is living in a trash filled home, it's time for a change. Contact Los Angeles Hoarders to clean the house and remove all the garbage quickly.